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GalaxyTag, written by Steve A Baker, is a game requiring a sharp eye and a quick hand. You are a sphere and you have to 'tag' yellow blinkers that appear out in space. Why ? God knows. Try it. It's fun.

Click here to play Galaxy

TRaceRS, also written by Steve A Baker, is a kind of racing game. The car is a sphere invisibly attached to the cursor. You drag the car round the circuit as fast as you can. Weird.

Click here to play TRaceRS

Falling Stars, written by RJHM van den Bergh, involves blowing up incoming things as you traverse around space. 5 difficulty levels. Very noisy. Sounds like an air raid siren.

Click here to play Falling Stars

3D Driver, by Derek L. Ramey, is for all you speed freaks out there. Rev up. Race off. Try and stay on the road. A for accelerate and Z for brake.

Click here to play 3D Driver

Cliffie, created by Nilsen and Sjolie, is all about delivering the post - dangerously. Avoid the cars, dogs and other hazards to get the post out in time. Watch out !

Click here to play Cliffie

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